Anxiety is love’s greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic.
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Acacia Johnson - Selections from the series Origins and Polaris

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Roland Gauron
Lago Nahuel Huapi


Roland Gauron

Lago Nahuel Huapi

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There’s a build up of nothingness in your chest, and you just have to clench at it with your weary hands, because not even your ribcage can keep what’s pounding through it and seeping throughout your body.
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Son, I found your fedora. At first I thought you were a brony and I was going to be very disappointed. But then I found your giant stash of checkered vans and hawaiian shirts. Ska punk forever, son. Ska punk forever.

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This Icelandic police force has the most adorable Instagram account 

Meet the Reykjavík Metropolitan Police, serving the capital of Iceland. By the looks of their incredible Instagram account, a normal day includes holding kittens, eating candy and wearing false mustaches.

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For the record the Icelandic police are probably the best police force in the world, There has only been one instance where an officer shot and killed a civilian in the entire history of the country (which is nearly a hundred years) and everyone was completely devastated by it, the police especially — because, as made clear in their statements after the incident, they understand their function is to protect the people. Not to mention that their general police go unarmed except for special squads.

Let’s run through some more facts while we’re on the subject: Compared to 31,000+ shooting deaths in the US in 2009, Iceland had… 4, because they have very rigorous screening processes for gun permits. There is very little economic disparity between upper, middle and lower classes, and social welfare programs take care of their people. Drug use affects less than 1% of the population between 15 and 65 years old, and 90% of drug-related court cases are settled with a fine rather than jail time. Violent crime is virtually non-existent. [x]

Iceland is like if you took the entire idea of chill and personified it as an country, and this exemplifies that. 

Aaaaaallllright I think I gotta move to Iceland

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Person: You should try dressing normal for once


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